Monday, September 24, 2012

Johnny Tremain Discussion

Answer the following questions in the comments section with your partner, then re-read and respond to at least 2 other comments in the thread.


  1. Johnny was a selfish jerk and brattface. He told every one what to do and acted like a dictator. After the accident he is a more humble jerk, and he is mean in a different way.

    I would have told him that maybe if he wasn't so bossy, dove wouldn't have given him the cracked cle. I would still try to be a one handed silver smith.

    He tells every one how to do everything even the adults. He was a tyrant, and showed that that was his personality.

    Dove gave him a cracked pot, and he burns his hand. He is ashamed of his hand and needs to find a new career.

    Cameron Churchill, and Jacob baker

    1. We agree because he does boss people around because he thinks he's the boss. And he is a bratface.

      Josie and Kassy

    2. Your right. He is a brat face.

    3. We agree with your first answer because you included the fact that even though he became more humble after the accident he was still rude and proud.
      Jayden and Tori

    4. I like how you chose descriptive and meaningful words.
      Abby Moore 5th

    5. Yeah he's like a little brat stuff it's so true
      Meagan and Danni

    6. I like how you described Johnny.


  2. 1. He is very full of himself before the accident. I don't really like him. After the accident he is more snotty if anyone brings up the accident,
    2. If I were Johnny I would be sad, but not as mean to everyone as he is. I would tell him to look for good things, and keep looking for new things to do,
    3. He is in charge of the other boys, and is almost the boss of the house. He doesn't respect others, he thinks of himself as an idol.
    4. Johnny burns his hand, Dove gave him a cracked crucible and the silver started to leak. He tripped and burned his hand. He is really mad and is snotty to anyone that talks about the accident, or feels sorry for him.
    5. Store owners don't want him as an apprentice because of his hand. Rab told him to keep looking for work, and not give up. He goes forward in life.
    6. Back then they were apprentices and started working as a teenager. Now we work as adults, and teenagers usually just use electronics. We both get paid when we work, even though it isnt a lot.

    Josie and Kassy

    1. We agree with your opinion because he was very full of himself
      Sidney and Casey

  3. 1.Johnny was way more prideful before and after he was kind of mad at everyone in some ways he is better after and in other ways he is not.
    2.I would be really sorry for myself and feel really sad, I would tell him not to ge t mad at people when they didn't do anything and to forgive.
    3.He knows that he is better than Dove and Dusty and is is really prideful.
    4.He burnt his hand in a silversmith accident and because Dove gave him the wrong crucible. He feels lonely and mad because Mrs.Lapham treats him bad
    5. Johnny goes to find a job and Rab helps Johnny with his self confidence and also offers him a job.
    6. In Johnny's time almost all teenagers couldn't read and they had jobs now today we don't have to have a job to get food. They are the same in some ways like some teenagers are really prideful of themselves.
    Sidney Heil Casey Herbert

    1. We agree with your last answer because we don't have to do nearly as much as teenagers back then had too. We get things given to us all the time.

      Jayden and Tori

    2. I agree that most teenagers couldn't read back then. But now days we learn how read in school
      Meagan and Danni

    3. I like how you explain your answers on question 3 because of how he acted.

  4. 1. Before, he's really cocky, in an obnoxious way. The accident changed him not very much, but he was just a little less bossy, but he got mad a lot more.
    2. I'd be depressed and mad that it happened to me, and I'd tell him to do not do it again.
    3. He's bossy and acts like he's in charge. This shows that he's really cocky and likes to tell people what to do.
    4. He burned his hand with hot silver. Dove made it happen by giving Johnny the broken crucible. He's unhappy and angry.
    5. He has a crippled hand, and so no one wants to let him work for them. Rab listens to Johnny and sustains him in court. Their friendship makes Johnny less of a jerk.
    6. They didn't have to go to school, and they had jobs and lives. Teenagers today have to go to school and we have technology.

    1. I agree with number five because when Rab comes a long Johnny turns into a better and nicer person.
      Abby Moore 5th

    2. We agree because he is very cocky, and he does get less bossy because he feels bad for himself.

      Josie and Kassy

    3. Good job pal because you included all the details you needed to
      jacob baker

    4. I dis agree because I think that the changed a lot after tha accident cameron Churchill

  5. 1. My opinion on Johnny before the accident was he was cocky in an annoying way, after the accident he changed a little like he wasn't as bossy and not nearly as cocky.
    2. I would be sad at first but then I would get over it. My advice would be to not do it again, and to be happy.
    3. He is the boss, everyone liked him, and so he has an attitude like he is the best. His behavior says a lot about his character like, he has a cocky attitude and some likes to tell people what to do.
    4. Johnny's position changes, he is no longer the boss, and not everyone likes him. Dove gave him a cracked crucible. He is not happy with his new status he likes being at the top.
    5. He has a crippled hand, and no one wants him as an apprentice because of his messed up hand. Tab helps him because he feels like he has a real friend, someone who will listen to him, and sustains him in court. Johnny isn't as much of a jerk anymore and tries to be nice.
    6. They didn't have to go to school, because they were already working, teenagers in our community don't have to have jobs that early, and we go to school, we have electronic devices and thy didn't.
    Abby Moore 5th

    1. Your answers are so good because they are thorough.

    2. Your answer was good because you described his personality after the accident really good.
      Sidney and casey

    3. Our opinion is that we feel the same

  6. Personal response 1:Very prideful and hardworking. Afterwards a lot more bitter and mean.
    Personal response 2: mostly the same in his situation but some things we would do in a different way.

    1: at the beginning, Johnny was very cocky and prideful and when he told someone what to do they would listen. It reveals that he isn't as great as he thinks.
    2: he goes down low in the family, and dove kind of takes his place. Dove kind of controlled how things happened at the accident. Depressed and unhappy
    3: Johnny struggles with the need for money and food and a job. Rab provides food and welcomes him like a friend. This kindness makes Johnny want to be around Rab and become more like him.
    4: They had to work and do a lot of things for themselves, where as we dont really have to do anything but learn.
    Jayden and Tori

    1. They really were digging down to the truth.
      Sammie & Ethan 5th

    2. Johnny was very caught up in himself at the first of the book. We also agree that he wasn't as great as he thought he was.

    3. That previous comment was from Ashton and Daniel.

  7. He needs to find a job, and it takes forever cuz he has a deformed hand. Rab is the printer guy and is really nice, and he gives Johnny a job.

    Well some teenagers are selfish brattfaces like Johnny, and they look for jobs like Johnny

  8. 1 : Johnny has always seemed too prideful . Even now , after his accident it seems he uses pride to hide him being super upset .
    2 : I would tell him to listen to his master && find something to do . &&tell him to learn to work with his hand . In what he can && cant do .
    1 : Johnny acts like he is the master of the house . And it shows that him / his character thinks he is better than everyone !
    2 : Not being able to work any more put him lower than everyone else , Dove is the reason that Johnny can no longer work !!!!!!!! Johnny becomes kicked back and relaxed , he doesn't listen to his master and becomes rebellious
    3 : Johnny did not want to do other things && other people looked down on him for his hand & for him breaking the sabbath
    4 : the teenagers in his time , all had to work . They didn't go to school or have technology . Our kids never work , we sit and use technology . We take life so easily. And all have to go to school .

  9. 1. At first he's like just a brat and I kind of wanted to slap him. Then after the accident he's still a brat but you kinda feel sorry for him
    2. His self esteem drops. I would tell him to keep trying
    1. He thinks that he is the master of the house. He's a brat.
    2. Silver burn his hand so he's crippled. Dove handed Johnny the cracked crucible. Now he's annoyed and distances himself
    3. New work and he gets arrested
    4. We are pretty lazy compared to them. They work really hard, also Johny wants to marry Cilla. We don't really think about a least until our twenties.
    Meagan and Danni

    1. This is a really good comment because they went deep into the story
      Sammie & Ethan 5th

    2. I feel the same I would like to slap him before the accident. After I feel bad for him.

    3. The first reply was from Ashton and Daniel

  10. 1. Johnny was really arrogant, determined,and vain, which is really odd for Johnny because afer the accident he was very patriotic, and gave support.

    2.I would probably be pretty mad that I can't do something I can do very well. It would also be very uncommon for me, or anyone else to change they way they act randomly from an accident that was not anyone's fault.

    3.He was the arrogant leader of the apprentices. His behavior also revealed how he worked during his silver smith job, he was really determined, which then leads to the fact he burns his hand.

    4.He burned his hand with the cracked crucible, then Johnny completely changes his personality, and then he gained more respect with his new supportive personality. Dove is also partially with his hand problem, due to giving him the cracked crucible.

    5. Johnny 's main obstacles is when he keeps getting rejected to be a higher apprentice, then he Already is because of his problem. Rag helps Johnny by giving him a job because he lost his old job.

    6.The teenagers in the book are self reliant, them in this world right now. The teenagers in our time right now relied on other stuff to get the things done, but in the book they had to work to survive, and etc.


    1. I agree with 1. Because he does act all nice after the accident.

  11. I disagree because it didn't tak THAT long long for him to find a job. Cameron and Jacob

  12. 1. He is prideful and he acts like he's in charge. My opinion of Johnny does change after the accident. I kind of feel bad for him, he has no job, and he is being pushed around by Dove.
    2. If I were Johnny Tremain I would have instantly left the house as soon as possible so I could get some peace of mind. I would tell him to just ignore people that make him feel bad inside himself.
    3. He has a lot of pride. He thinks he's all that, "oh I'm so awesome and I work so well". Is what I believe he always said in his head.
    Thor Sorensen, Mason Straga.

  13. 1. I liked him before the accedent but he was a bit prideful
    2. I would look for mind work. And I would tell him to look for mind work.
    3. He was basically the man of the house and he acted like it too.
    4.he got his hand burned and melted his forefinger and his thumb together and dove gave him a tool that spilt the silver and made his hand go in it
    5. He faces that he isn't very good and a lot of stuff
    6. The teenagers back then worked all day and today's time they barley do anything
    As5 and as5

  14. 1. Our opinion of Johnny is that he was prideful and very bossy. He changed as he became more reclusive instead of trying to be the dictator of the people he worked and lived with.
    2. I would be very mad, I would have given him advice to keep his hand out of the hot silver.
    3. He was a very tyrannical leader, he loved the control he had over the attic and over the shop.
    4. He becomes a outcast in his family because of Doves dumb prank. Johnny reacts to his new status by going and looking of a new job.
    5. One of the trials he faces was the loss of the best skill as a silversmith apprentices. He lost the use of his hand. Rab helped him when mr. Lyte had him arrested. Rab helped him in court. His friendship with Rab has helped him by having someone who cared.
    6. The teenagers in Johnny's time were mostly silversmiths apprentices or they were maids. The teenagers right now are mostly involved in sports or what they are wearing.
    Ashton & Daniel

  15. 1. Johnny was very daring and controlling. He also use to have a sense of humor. After he is drab and bitter and is always sad.

    2. I would probably try to do other things and ask people for help when I needed it; I would tell Johnny to open up more.

    3. Johnny is like the boss to the other boys; he acts kinda cocky but it shows he is a good leader.

    4. Johnny gets kinda pushed behind Dove and isn't in charge as much, Dove takes Johnny's job and Johnny doesn't like that.

    5. Rab listens to Johnny and he encourages him. Johnny has to learn to adapt to his hand.

    6. Us: we don't work very hard, nochildren slaves, lots of technology
    Them: children worked hard; no techology

  16. The Johnny before the accident was a jerk. He was cocky, full of himself, and bossy. Our opinion changed drastically after the accident. He was suddenly this shy, understanding, self councils teen ager. He no longer tried to be the boss of everyone.
    We would respond in the same way Johnny did. Though we would probably be harsher on ourselves then Johnny was. We would tell him not to work on sundays,and not to be so harsh to those who feel bad for him.
    He is basically the head of the house. Everyone respects him, even though they may not want to. His character is super bossy, and wants everything to go his way.
    He is demoted to nothing more but one more mouth to feed. He is a burden. Dove is the one reason why Johnny burned his hand, and now hes slowly taking Johnny's place. Johnny is ticked that he's being replaced. He no longer enjoys the Laphams company.
    He goes to jail,rab helps him out and has connection that will help in the case. Now Johnny controls his temper and see the benefits.
    W hike they have to work we get our education. They know what they want to be at a very younge age.
    They fight for there freedom in a secret way. No one knows who they are. Because of them we have our freedom today. Maya and gracie

  17. Before the accident, Johnny was very arrogant and he worked a lot and everybody praised him.
    I would feel sorry but him but I would learn from the experience to be more careful.
    At the beginning Johnny was cocky well cockier thAn he is now. But he cannot do silversmithing anymore so that kinda changes his job.
    We will finish later Mckell and Megan M 5 period

  18. I disagree that if he had moved out of the house he woulld not have more peace in mind because he would look at his hand and think of all the people that hated him for it Allen Alex

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